Ever since Argosin has been an elder, he has never looked at the mortals like he did as a whelp he did see them as harmless, peaceful creatures now he only see's anger, hate and destruction like his father, Argosin wished to never be like his father killing mortals for fun, enjoyment, his father reminded him on the black dragons, evil, treachorous, deadly argosin has hardly been in contact with a black dragon, one wounded him when was a drake, a scar on his chest but the cut looks rather tatto like, but it has a blue shine to it

Argosin was being rather quiet but has been ignoring all the other elders and heirs, this is because he has recently found out his mother has died by a black dragon, now Argosin has been confronted by Enkilzar and lost but he still remains alive, he is now consorted to Dind, as he likes to call her she was a shadowclaw but recently she jumped into the mana stream at the Azure Dragonshrine and is now a nether, and also Argosin now has a son, an blue dragon like himself, named Elgos.

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