As a whelp, again, Xarian had full speech capabilities, which scared most Adults, and amused others. He attacked whelps, to show to the others that he was in charge. His temper was a problem, when an adult would call him cute and awe at him, he'd get angry, quickly. And would snap at the person.

As a Drake, again... Xarian was very very intelligent, making the Twilight Heir, Lindraynia cry on the platform by boggling her mind with confusion, it was a game for him, just as everything else he did. He focused his mind on brain tricks and knowledge, studying all of his peer's closely, copying their movements, their combat skills, everything.

As a Dragon, Xarian knew that he was 75% near his full power, once again, but did not share it. He waits, impatiently for his full power to be restored. So he could return to find the Infinite that had done this to him, and kill him. Once and for all.

This lore shall continue as Xarian ages, since i've lost the rest of it.

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