Born half way through the war of the ancients Chrodormu is one of the older Bronze dragons, tasked by Anachronos to defend the time lines of the planet, he has done so with unwavering loyalty for many years.

He has lived among many settlements of many different races throughout his long life, never having been discovered. He is a master of many combat art's, learn't by study of the Mortal's he has lived with, Chrodormu has respect for them, thinking of them as heroic, stout and the rightful rulers of Azeroth's destiny. Chrodormu has lived through much sadness in his long life, the Mortal's he lived around fading away, while he stood firm, like a stone in the tide, he cares greatly for the lives of Mortal's, even more so than the Dragonflight's usually do. Chrodormu has lived through all the great war's of Azeroth, many of his brothers and sisters have fallen before his very eyes, however he has always stood strong, and he vow's to make sure their sacrifice’s would never be in vein.

Recently the Infinite Dragonflight have begun to withdraw, speculated by many in the ranks of the Bronze Dragonflight to be nothing but a ploy, a lull before the storm, and Chrodormu agreed, something was coming, the Infinite would move again soon. Chrodormu voiced his feeling to Anachronos who also agreed with him, the two realised that the Infinite were moving, and that the Bronze may have another fight on their hands.

Chrodormu has been sent to Wyrmrest temple by Anachronos to check up on another member of the Bronze Dragonflight, Aelnis, who was sent ahead of Chrodormu to the temple, however he never reported back, Chrodormu has been sent to look in to this matter. He has come with a message for Aelnis, a message of dark tiding's, war is again coming to Azeroth's timeline, and all the Bronze Dragonflight must stand ready to repel invaders.