Daragos SteelHeartEdit

Daragos Steelheart was once a blue proto-dragon, Till Dragon keepers from Ulduar took captive of him, They took him to the Forgemaster and he ripped off Daragos's scales and poured melted Iron onto him, The forgemaster made him fight other Proto-dragons to become stronger in order that General Verax would ride him in an assult, After one of the last fight, the other captive Proto-dragons rebeled against the Dragon keepers Daragos saw this as a chance to escape, he flew out, weakened and found Wyrmrest temple where he now resides till he is strong enough to take his anger out in Ulduar, After escaping Ulduar worn out, A magic bumped into him and was going to kill him, but seeing how weak the proto was he felt pity, and started asking him questions, but the proto was un-able to reply, the mage crafted him a ring that morphed him into a mortal form, and allowed him to speak basic common. the mage after giving the proto the ring had a nice long talk with him teaching him common, after that the mage went his way and the proto went wandering off again.