Remorsewow has also shut down, go to, register and make account, its a gm server, and Enkilzar/Laniveil is on there (thanks to him for the sight, yes hes a guy irl :P ) Join Now! This is Leth... It's not letting me play. It shows at the realmlist and won't go past there.... Also, how may players are in the guild on that server?Edit


Welcome to Dragons Reborn (wikia)Edit

Dragons Reborn, a guild for former Dragon Wars and Dragon Lord members, or perhaps new members altogether. This guild contains lots of roleplay, and is Lore-filled, to learn about lore, you can always go to... ... The Guild phase is 7745 and faction is 35. Okay... Well this site is for everyones BACK-STORIES and if you have a custom made dragonflight please write your Custom made lore here too =D.

We now have a OPTIONAL Twilight patch. Changed Lethon Emeriss and Halion into the THREE Twilght Drake Skins. Get it there-Ratheron Good bye forever Ech we will miss your RP fun D:

ECHE IS GONE!! D: This is Dindaku, I'm creating a list of Skype/Myspace/Facebook/Anything to keep in contact with our friends <3 To edit, just hit the Edit button at the top and add yourself to the list!!

Dindaku: Myspace:, Skype: kitteh951. Don't mind the names.. I made them when I was 9.. TAL. THRAD. ADD ME!

GOOD NEWS! (For once.) Me(Leth) and Cyndra found a good server... We will do our own rp's. May not be a GM RP server, but it's fine for now. Whisper me on my char (Vynthel or Cyndra.) It's name is Remorse Wow. I will try to be as active as possible. So ask for Ginvite. (Lumin I will give the guild back as soon as possible.) See you there!


This is Enk mah skype name is... northlander94 (ADD MEH! AND IF YOU DONT HAVE SKYPE GET IT! xD)

Chandi up in this BIATCH,Me,Letharius and Longos are on Remorse wow,Doesnt have any phases,Nor GM,but for now its what we have to settle with