(NAME HAVE BEEN CHANGED TO LONGOS)(I suggest you to take a look to this page daily if you Roleplay with me,since it'l be updated daily you'l have to know what happened,atleast OOCly.I think it's not really the time to reveal my Character's past so for now i'l give you the story of what happens NOW)Basic Information:Longos is a Blue Dragonflight.His mortal form has a look of a High Elven Mage.As an Elder Wyrm Lontharion respects almost everyone.In his free time he usually explores lands unknown to him since he wants to learn more and more.No one knows anything about his past.(Might be revealed other time IC).Longos cares about people of his race and sees the Mortals as weaklings that do many mistakes,but one of his worst enemies are the Shadowclaw.Also Teacher of Revar The Red.Longos seemed to be away from the Wyrmrest.(Now)But after a year he made his return.As Longos explained(Means if you're friend of Lontharion you know it) that he traveled in Sholazar Basin and found a group of Bronze Dragons fighting agaist some Scourge.Lontharion decided to help them,as they survived they thanked Longos,Giving him some of their powers,the power to travel through the time and teleport to another dimension,but with a risky cost(Will be revealed IC) .Longos decided to help the Bronze Dragonflights reach their destination,Dragonblight.In their way Longos learned many things that he never heard and never thinked was useful,he learned about the Caverns of Time.In this time he increased both his abilities and learned many things about the Bronzes.After he succesfully made his way to Dragonblight with the Bronze Dragons he decided to go back to Wyrmrest.(To be Continued,will be updated after will be Done ICLY)