Beginning Information IC: Lumin doesn't show her mortal or true form to anyone she doesn't trust, she is mostly in an animal form. She is also hardly ever in her true form, only in her mortal form of a High Elf

(yeah not writing this as Luminastrasza, its like a biography, or whatever :P enjoy =D)) Luminastrasza is the daughter of Ysera and Malygos, though she was stolen as an egg by Nefarian and turned into a Chromatic. Ysera found Luminastrasza after she had been converted, but luckily, before she could be put under Nefarian's grasp on her mind. Malygos, chased Nefarian away, while Ysera grieved over Luminastrasza, whom had recently hatched to reveal a chromatic whelp. Luminastra
  • Me as artwork ^^
sza quickly grew up, she grew in height and maturity much quicker than any other whelp. Ysera had grown to overcome the shock of her daughter becoming a Chromatic. Soon Luminastrasza left home, she went with her brothers, step-brothers, sisters and step-sisters and some friends, and flew to Wyrmrest Temple. One that came with us was called Enkilzar Archimtios, though no one talked to her, because she had no powers. Together, they formed a guild, that they decided to name Dragons Reborn, indicating that it was a new start for anyone who decided to join. They soon became popular and within a week had got another twenty members. Though there was an incident, involving Enkilzar, the heirs made fun of her for having no powers, until one day, all the heirs found out that she did in fact have powers, that were extremely powerful. Enkilzar beat all of the heirs in a fight, and was banished by Luminastrasza from the temple, her throne was kept though. Enkilzar created the Realm of Shadows, where she lived, as the first Shadowclaw ((custom flight)). Enkilzar has been let back into the temple a few times, but only for a short time. She was invited to an arena battle, which if she won, she could get her place back at the temple, though she was beaten in the fight by the twilight heir. Enkilzar punished herself with holy powers for fighting so badly, Luminastrasza found her and let her stay at the temple for a week. Though soon she sent Arogsin (formely Argosin) the blue heir, into the Realm of Shadows for twelve hours, making him corrupt and evil, because Arogsin was insulting and swearing at Enkilzar. So now Luminastrasza is angry at Enkilzar for causing more trouble. ((Thats all for now folks, i'll add more, probably per 2 days or something, so its my past, right through to my present, hope you enjoyed, i'll keep you updated =D 'For Dragons Reborn!' Have a good day guys =D))