Born one hundred years ago , to the family of kaldorei . All she was suppose to do , was becoming Sentinel huntress and hoping in stars . She felt she is more than that , she wanted adventure , she wanted something new . First chanse of escaping she got , she used it . For more than fourty years she lived lonely , as a renegade in wildness . Then event at Hyjal started and alliance between mortals were made . That was again chanse for new adventure at east . After arriving at Stormwind , she was soo happy about herself , soo fullyfied . All her dreams ended when she entered that , what they called "tavern" . Unknow for elf , she felt confused and still excited . She never seen place like this , where people dance and are happy , where people just talk about formal things and where some cry and complain . For unknow reason one men was really kind to her . He bought her drink and then she invited her into his place . That event was written to her history as the start of her ten years at tavern-life. All she was doing there was music , dance , drinks and after all men . With no honor and no self-esttem she layed with strangers , for money or sometimes just from boreddrom . Until night when she meeted one men that was not really interested into her , even she was beutiful . She used her charm to confuse and them "control" male and she invited him to her house . At the door something wrong happened , it ws a punch to the face by that men . He told her about herself , what is really is . His name is Gerred . Tressha realized what she really is ,nothing more than dirty bag . All that night she cried , but Gerred shown her not mercy , he just said it is good that she just realized it .ssha go separatted . She was finding him , for more than sixty days and nothing just ice and frost , she was about to die until the day when she found great tower , temple . All she saw was somekind of beast waving on her , slowly and shaking she came to him and asked what is happening , that thing was dragonspawn . From that point she trust dragons more than everything else . One of the most courageous mortal in ranks of dragons , she felt like protection dragon destiny with her own life . Her rank gained but her .. panoply felt down . Task at Furing volcano was succeful for her , she gained most of the glory there , but got badly injured and burnt . From that day , she became of the general of the dragonsworn servants and one of the military leaders of her ranks