Xarian is of the Twilight flight, born with some of the first Twilights of all time. His power was great, and he was feared throughout Azeroth as a very.. Evil, insane being. Upon the death of his first consort, Excelria, the black, his insanity has taken the better of him. But he knows how to control it, and usually uses confusion as a tactic to harm his enemies. To him, knowing how to fight takes up brain space. And is not required if one knows how to confuse one into a blind rage. Of course, he does know how to fight, but simply chooses not to.

Soon, he had killed off his other siblings, and drained many things to increase his strength amongst others.

Until one day, a decade ago from this day, he had come in contact with a very intelligent Infinite dragon. They fought for hours, and both of them were weak. Finally, Xarian had over powered the infinite and just as he was about to drain and kill him, the Infinite had reversed his age into a mere Whelpling, and left him there to fend for himself from hungry beasts. Little did that Infinite know, Xarian was ready to fight for his life, and soon would age. His power, doubled, and his intelligence quadrupled.